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Nühn-Morris Mediation
Mediation is an efficient and effective way to achieve a lasting resolution


Glenda Nühn (1957) is an MfN registered mediator and also a CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution UK) accredited mediator. She has wide experience in employment conflicts, in other commercial and business conflicts and in the area of non-profit. She specializes in intercultural conflicts. She mediates regularly in Dutch and in English.

Mediation in Dutch and in English

Glenda studied law (BA, LLB) at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) and was an associate at Bowman Gilfillan, a leading commercial law firm in Johannesburg. She gained experience in commercial litigation. Glenda has lived in the Netherlands since 1990, where she worked at Price Waterhouse, before gaining her postgraduate diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the ADR Institute, University of Amsterdam. Since then she has mediated for companies, individuals, municipalities, hospitals and non-profit organizations.

Glenda speaks fluent Dutch and English and can mediate in both languages. In the Netherlands she is one of the few registered mediators whose home language is English. Clients who do not speak Dutch enjoy the fact that they can discuss their conflict with somebody who understands the nuances in their language. She also has CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, UK) accreditation.

Intercultural teamwork, an enriching experience

"My experiences as an expatriate in Stockholm and Vienna, and also my early years in the Netherlands, have given me a deeper insight into intercultural relationships and the tensions that can arise. The issue fascinates me and I have broadened my knowledge on the topic by extensive reading and courses. I find it enriching to work and live with people of different cultures. I firmly believe that a successful intercultural relationship gives added value and I try to convey that to others. It can be challenging, but when the obstacles have been overcome, it is rewarding on a business and on a personal level."

Other activities and interests

She is Co-Chair of the Netherlands committee for Human Rights Watch. Glenda is a member of the board of the Dioraphte Foundation and a Supervisory Board member of the Wildlife Justice Commission. Glenda is co-founder of Stichting COR in the Netherlands and was chairman from 1990 – 2011. She is a member of the Dutch mediators Association (NMV).

Nühn-Morris mediation works closely with other mediators and coaches, including The Star Ferry.


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