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Nühn-Morris Mediation
Mediation is successful when both parties are prepared to work together

How we work

We work as follows:


We begin with a separate intake appointment for each party. In that conversation we explain what mediation is, and what parties can expect and not expect. The importance of confidentiality and the neutral role of the mediator are explained and we discuss who should be at the mediation. Is everybody competent to take part? Who will represent the company? Is that person also authorized to take decisions regarding a settlement? Does a party require assistance from advisors or other persons who can play a role in the discussions or in the resolution of the conflict?


When all these questions have been answered we will make an appointment for the parties and their advisors to meet with us around the table. As mediators we do not pass judgment or give opinions, but we will stimulate the parties to engage in a frank discussion of their interests, and assist them in restoring their trust and communication so that they can negotiate with each other to resolve the issues. The procedure is flexible and can be adapted to the parties’ wishes and to the type of the conflict. It can be planned at very short notice and without long intervals between the sessions. On average 3 short sessions are sufficient. However one-day mediations can also be planned.


if the parties come to a solution, it will be recorded in a legally binding agreement.

Nühn-Morris Mediation works according to the rules of the Mediators Federation Nederland (MfN).