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Nühn-Morris Mediation
The aim of mediation is to reach a mutually acceptable solution


Mediation, or conflict resolution, is an efficient and effective way of resolving conflicts without going to court.

With mediation, it is not about winning or being proven right. The interests of both parties is at the core of mediation. Our role as mediators is to restore communication and trust between the parties, to help them analyse the conflict and to define the relevant issues. The confidential nature of the process promotes a proper dialogue between them. Anger and emotion are usually part and parcel of conflicts. During a mediation the parties are able to express their emotions and frustrations and to gain a better understanding of the other party’s position. The neutral mediator will guide the parties in their search for a mutually acceptable solution. Because the parties jointly arrive at a solution, and are responsible for it, they are able to continue their business relationship profitably, or to terminate it decently. A legally binding settlement agreement will record the result of the mediation.
In a situation where there are communication problems, or a conflict threatens, mediation can be an effective way to resolve contentious issues and to prevent the situation from escalating. 

  • Efficient: it can be arranged at very short notice and need not last long
  • Cheaper and quicker than litigation. The costs are clear and agreed upon in advance.
  • Confidential, informal procedure, behind closed doors
  • A mutually acceptable, long-term solution,
    particularly advantageous for long-term contracting parties
  • Restores relationships and therefore has fewer negative consequences for individuals or organisations

The procedure is flexible and can be adapted to the parties’ wishes and to the type of the conflict. It can be planned at very short notice and without long intervals between the sessions. On average 3 short sessions are sufficient. However one-day mediations can also be planned.